Political Theatre


A friend asked me recently apropos nothing at all “what ever happened to political theatre?” Setting aside the obvious, that all theatre is political in some sense, I think they were alluding to what they perceived as a dearth of theatre about/espousing political ideology. NB this blog entry has inexplicably disappeared. You’ll just have to imagine what I might have … Read More

If you didn’t catch The Fever…

GaryDirecting, saltpeter, The Fever

If you didn’t catch The Fever at the People Show Studios in December, you can at the Brighton Festival Fringe. saltpeter presents Wallace Shawn’s Obie Award winning The Fever A one-off site specific ensemble piece Venue: Brighton Media Centre Gallery Date: Sunday, 22 May 2011 Staging The Fever is an ongoing project for saltpeter. We believe that The Fever is … Read More

Music/Collaborations/Wish Lists


I was musing on the possibility of staging a version of ‘Synecdoche, New York’ (not that I’d ever get the rights, but let’s put it on a wish list). A play within a play, within a play, within a play, within a play… in a massive warehouse space (on the list). I just happened at the time to be listening … Read More

The Fever – Brighton Festival Fringe

GaryDirecting, saltpeter, The Fever

For the record, it is not easy to find a venue for even a one-off performance, a week before registration closes for the Brighton Festival Fringe… Having very successfully staged The Fever at the People Show Studios late last year, and with a shared belief that you can never have too many performances of it, Vera Chok of saltpeter and … Read More

I don’t like readings…


Friday saw the reading of Mark Sand’s new play ‘Cracked’ take place in the studio of the Soho Theatre which I had the pleasure of directing. The cast gave excellent performances, particularly considering the short amount of time we had to work on the script, and the feedback on both the reading and the play itself was very good. Mark … Read More

The Fever

GaryDirecting, saltpeter, The Fever

A very successful staged reading of The Fever last night at the People Show under the banner of Saltpeter Productions. I think people were surprised by the staging which was essentially the final course of a meal at a upper middle class dinner party, with a beautiful design by Nik Corrall. The ensemble of ten, were split into ‘servants’ (including … Read More

The Fever by Wallace Shawn

GaryDirecting, saltpeter, The Fever

I will be directing a rehearsed reading at the People Show on December 30th, of The Fever by Wallace Shawn. My thoughts… Leaving to one side the fact that Wallace Shawn is a fine actor (I would direct you to the film Vanya on 42nd Street if you are in any doubt), it is his writing for the theatre that … Read More

1905 – Morning Star Review

GaryDirecting, Reviews, The New Factory

Make space for political theatre Zoe Corbyn reports on The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor and its extraordinary large-scale free theatre events. “Maggots in the soup!” The puppeteers’ chants grow louder and louder as a camera made of cardboard zooms in on angry toy sailors throwing their tyrant captain overboard. A director screeches instructions in Russian through a giant megaphone. … Read More

New Babylon 1871

GaryDirecting, The New Factory

Press release The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor Presents NEW BABYLON 1871 at the Round Chapel, Hackney (junction of Glenarm Road and Lower Clapton Road). 15th, 16th and 17th March at 8pm. Tickets free. For further details call 020 7482 2145 “Working men’s Paris, with its commune, will be forever celebrated as the harbinger of a new society. Its martyrs are enshrined in the … Read More