I am currently performing the spoken word role in Piaf Remembered at venues around London.

The Knee Jerk of Sloth

An intriguing piece written and directed by Pelagie May-Green, in which I played Shane. It was performed in Ghent.

Film by Richard Weston – Sine Wave Media

De Profundis – The Voice of Three

A piece developed by Bartosz Glowacki during his residency at Aldeburgh.

Film by Dan Redding

On The Axis of this World

On The Axis - 03for Cambridge City Opera – Cambridge – Spoken Word

On the Axis of this World is inspired by Antarctic exploration and, in particular, the British Antarctic Expedition of 1911-13, when Captain Robert Falcon Scott and four of his companions died on their way back from the South Pole.

I undertook the spoken word role in this short opera at the Scott Polar Institute, as part of The Cambridge Science Festival.

Composed by Matt Rogers “His music achieves that glorious blend of the utterly unexpected with the perfectly inevitable, in a language of heartbreaking beauty”, and directed by Sinéad O’Neill – director and producer, and a regular Assistant Director at Glyndebourne.

Photography Claire Shovelton