The Fever – Stir crazy

GaryDirecting, saltpeter, The Fever

Feeling decidedly stir crazy. Some of the cast of The Fever are out of the country, and some off working on other projects, hence we won’t be rehearsing again until next week. So I just have the script to read, and re-read, and the opportunity to indulge in the slightly annoying habit (it would seem annoying to you if you had been subject to my bombardment of communications) of spending many of my waking hours urging people to attend our performance at the Brighton Festival Fringe.

None of the above has been helped by the other ‘fever’ that swept the nation last weekend i.e. ‘wedding fever’. I suppose I should admit from the outset to being a republican (in the sense that I don’t want anyone, least of all myself to live under a head of state who has that role by dint of birth), or more to the point anti-monarchy, or rather much more to the present point ‘anti-royal weddings’.

In 1981 I avoided the C&D wedding completely. Some find it rather quaint that I retain an almost juvenile sense of pride in this fact. Though not a juvenile I was at least young back then, now it seems that I have no excuse. I am regarded as curmudgeonly at best for not sharing in the huge media party that surrounded the happy couples nuptials’. I should however state that I am at one with the young prince on his desire to be left alone by the media from now on. Leave them alone, and then I won’t have to hear about them.

However, back to The Fever – the prospect of finally getting into the rehearsal room in a few days time does give me a warm inner glow. So stir-crazy, but warm inside at least. I did promise in an earlier blog that I would share some of my thoughts on the rehearsal process, however as things stand, I can’t say that I have anything else to share. The actors are diligently learning their lines, I am re-reading Wallace Shawn’s entire literary output, and can do nothing more until I get the actors in a room, on their feet, and talking to each other.

Now I really must send off some more emails to people I have already inundated with marketing material, to ensure that they are fully aware of the project, and the absolute necessity of attending the performance.

Bring on The Fever, and remember if you can’t see the show, I urge you to read it.