The Fever

GaryDirecting, saltpeter, The Fever

The FeverA very successful staged reading of The Fever last night at the People Show under the banner of Saltpeter Productions.

I think people were surprised by the staging which was essentially the final course of a meal at a upper middle class dinner party, with a beautiful design by Nik Corrall.

The ensemble of ten, were split into ‘servants’ (including a pianist) and ‘readers’.

The design featured a giant dinning table around which sat the 5 members of the ensemble who read the text amongst 26 members of the public (more people sat around the fringes and on the stage). Those seated at the table were fed a dessert course, and everyone had free wine.

The Fever is not a short, nor easy piece to sit through, but the responses to the work from a full house were overwhelmingly positive. This was staged very much with the idea of it being the starting point for other stagings of the work, either connected with, or facilitated by Saltpeter Productions. More words on this in the future.

The ensemble:

Anna Sulan Masing
Amy Simpson
Anthony Wise
Brendan Jones
Calita Rainford
Freddie Machin
Gabby Wong
Sean Patterson
Vera Chok

Lighting was by Jason Osterman

Many thanks to everyone at the People Show, and particularly David Duchin.

We’ve had quite a bit of feedback which I will try to summarise in a future blog.