Chekhov in Bohemia

GaryThe New Factory

The New Factory has been invited to perform at the first Souladění Festival in Cesky Krumlov, in the Czech Republic in July 2012.

The Festival is headlined by the renowned Czech performer Jaroslav Dušek, and we will be presenting a brand new translation of A Jubilee by Anton Chekhov. We will in fact be performing in both Czech (with local collaborators) and English, and bringing to bear the full eccentricity of the company on the work as we perform in a large Chapito (tent). There will be music, passion, not a small amount of madness, and a mass eccentric dance.

10 members of the company will travel to and from the event by train to keep our carbon footprint down to a minimum. Travelling light, taking the bare minimum in terms of costume etc., this is a carpet-bags and suitcases trip. Our designer will create the set from found materials when we arrive, as we create the show specifically for the space. (With the support of members of the local Cesky Krumlov community) We will be accommodated in a mixture of local homes and tents.

Having dipped our toes into the world of film last year with our short ‘Lenin’s Lunch’, we are very excited about filming the entire trip, and releasing a Lo-Fi documentary of the whole process as a key part of the overall project.

As ever with The New Factory all those involved are working unpaid, and the company itself will receive no fee for the production.

More later…