Lenin’s Lunch

GaryDirecting, Film, Performing, The New Factory

The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor are making a film…

Sounds very grand, but to be clear this is not a multi-camera high budget short. It is certainly short, a 12 minute work called ‘Lenin’s Lunch’ which unsurprisingly is about Lenin trying to eat his lunch, but the filming itself is to be deliberately lo-fi. This is a collaboration between The New Factory and Hungarian artist and experimental film maker Agnes Hay. We have produced film in the past to utilise within performances, but this is the first time we have attempted a stand-alone work on film.

We are filming in the large garden of a London house in 8 days time. The location chosen for its beauty and to allow us to use natural light. Just between ourselves, I am hoping that it will rain, but don’t tell the cast.

I’m directing, and playing Lenin. Can’t wait.

ps since its formation The New Factory has had a strict policy of not allowing productions to be filmed or recorded. We don’t even allow photography (though some have been taken illicitly). The reasoning is that theatre has to be experienced live. It is literally a shared experience, and is special because it is experienced at one time in one place by a group of people. Filmed theatrical performances simply don’t work. However I feel that we have painted ourselves into a corner with our ‘no filming’ rule, in essence I don’t like rules. I have often railed against other companies ‘rules’ about what they will or won’t do (I am not talking about subject matter). Not because I object to the rules themselves, but rather that once you have set a rule in place it will ultimately restrict your work. Rules or ‘artistic policies’ should be flexible. So maybe in the future we may film some of our staged work as a record… or maybe not.